Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ita is ends ut totus res operor

DADT ends and I feel so much sorrow for what is about to happen to my Army. To all the gay soldiers who placed their needs and wishes above the nation's, I hope your happy. Reap what you have sown because now its going to get really bad.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Tao Continues

"Hate or scorn are not linear. The true man has options when he has had a major wrong done to him. You may enter into "conflict" with the offending party or you may choose to declare them "persona non Grata". The choice is yours to make, but take care in your choice. Weigh your courses of action, but know that you must choose."

You have to repay someone who has done you wrong, its just that simple. That is what this part of the Tao really boils down to. People who screw you, will do it again unless you make it uncomfortable for them.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Tao of Finrod

I am a peculiar fellow at the best of times. I laugh when it isn't really appropriate and I don't laugh when everyone else is laughing. Over time I've learned to recognize what you think is funny and laugh on queue but I miss it sometimes. I don't really get emotional or weepy. I'm a bit of a stoic you might say. Over time I've written, in my head, rules that I live by and generally I stick by them. Lately though, I've had this odd desire to write the rules down on paper and even to share them. A moment of weakness I suppose but it even happens to me. I am going to post some of these rules here, the Tao of Finrod if you will. So, here is the first of the Tao of Finrod:

When wrong is done to you, an assessment must be done. You must do this quickly and clearly.Was the wrong done by accident or was it purposefully done? Once the assessment is done you must choose a course of action. Minor wrongs, those done by accident or lacking purpose may be overlooked. Major or great wrongs, those done with purpose, poor intent and deliberate effect cannot be overlooked. Major wrongs must be repaid with scorn and hate. Major wrongs cannot be forgiven lest they come from kith or kin and then only rarely.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On Matters of Math

It seems likely that DADT (Don't Ask, Don't Tell) will be repealed, if not now then in the near future. When that day comes, everyone will pat themselves on the back in an effort to acknowledge their incredible coolness. All will shout to the world that America is now officially cool and open and accepting and stuff. The world will then sing songs to America's greatness and ... no they won't, the world will still hate us but that's another post for another time. I think repealing DADT is a bad idea and let me explain why.

Math is a cruel bitch at the best of times and this is one of those times. One of the arguments used by the left for this repeal is the loss of skilled service members from the military because of their sexual orientation. Many numbers are batted about with a good center mass number somewhere in the 2000 range. I'm cool with that number, I think its probably too high but whatever, we'll use it. There you go, 2000 it will be. I am going to use the Army for our example here because the Army is what I know about, sorry jarheads, deck apes, and zoomies. There are 241 recruiting companies in the US Army Recruiting Command. They cover the entire nation to include Germany and American protectorates in the Pacific rim. Let us speculate a little. Lets say that each recruiting company looses 1 enlistment each month because of the repeal of DADT. One enlistment is not much is it? I see you grabbing your calculator, let me help, that is nearly 3000 lost enlistments each year. Oh my, that's 1000 more then our 2000 lost folks isn't it? This is just the Army. I assure you, people are already saying they plan on leaving the service and are definitely not recommending it to others. Some are talking out the side of their necks, but if even 10% are not, we have a problem. If math is your argument, you've lost, repeal will cost too damn much.

I don't give 2 bits about who you put your junk into after duty hours and in the privacy of your home. But I do care about the body I dedicated 22 years of my life to. People have no right to serve in the Armed Forces, none whatsoever. So what, you want to serve, goody for you, I want to be a porn star but we must all live with disappointment.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Say what?

I am mystified. Really, I am. It is the equivalent of throwing 6 interceptions in a game that the opposing team scores on each time and the coach blaming the kicking team. How can you be that clueless? How can something so simple be so badly misinterpreted? Well, you will have to ask the democrats because they have some serious comprehension issues going on right now.

Tuesday was simple. The voters don't like what your doing. It had nothing to do with messaging or the comprehension level of the electorate. It was and is entirely the feeling among the peoples that what you did was bad and needs to be corrected. The simplicity of this is hard to miss. But, the left seems to believe that the core problem was one of salesmanship and message. While I enjoy watching this slow motion train wreck, the constant whining about messaging is getting on my nerves.

If the democrats continue this tact then 2012 is going to be another blood bath with the white house also being a victim. I do want them to loose but I value the strength of my enemies. If my enemy is week and powerless, then my victory is meaningless. I need the left to get their crap together so we can smash them again and drive them before us and listen to the lamentations of their women.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Black Tuesday

Here we are, at the cusp of change. Tomorrow is the day we've been waiting for, the mid term elections are upon us and I am happy as hell. The left is going to get its ass handed to it and I am looking forward to spending Tuesday evening in a state of joy. I want to see democrats crying in the streets and committing some sort of grief ritual that includes moving out of the country, but I know that's probably a bit much to hope for or expect.
No, instead we'll hear all about how this is just people being unreasonable, because that whole, your stupid tactic always works. I am constantly amazed by the left, their complete inability to look long and hard at their own numbers and realize that the tactic of "If you were intelligent, you'd vote for us." just doesn't frakking work and just pisses people off. Pissed off people don't really like being treated like slightly retarded children, and that is the democrats biggest problem, how they view most of John Q. Public. Americans are not stupid, they like to ask questions and they like answers even more. No one is seriously against health-care in America. Everyone wants the system to be fixed and tweeked, but folks want you to close the loop and explain how your plan fixes things and how your going to pay for your plan.
I'll be at the polls first thing in the morning and you should be too.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hi there!

I have returned from my self imposed hibernation from this site and how things have changed. Actually my hibernation was sorta needed to get over that whole knee problem which turned out to be 3 meniscus tears and 3 bone spurs. Yep, I have some cool new scars to show off.
A rundown of events is in order. Lets see, Tuesday is the end of the world according to everyone who lives in leftist fantasy land, and considering unicorn season opens on Wednesday, maybe it is the end of the world. AQ is getting froggy again, which isn't surprising considering killing them is the only way to stop them and we haven't killed all of them yet.
Political ads have really devolved, they all amount to someone simply saying "He/she is a poo poo head." I got one of those really annoying phone calls, annoying because I was in the bathroom at the time, asking me to vote for Rob Miller, which is really dumb as shit because other then Rob Miller being a democrat tard and not being Joe Wilson, I have no frakking clue what the hell Rob Miller stands for, because all his ads are summed up as "Joe Wilson is a poo poo head." I just don't understand how these idiots think this will work, but apparently they do because that's all that I see.
I shall endeavor to write something deep and profound but in the meantime, something for the leftist out there.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Wow, I've been a major lazy bastard haven't I. Lets see, what has occurred since I posted last...Obama has saved the universe a couple of times, seriously just ask Chris Mathews...Arizona was invaded by members of the SS who have turned it into the 4th Reich who's sole goal is the oppression of Mexicans...BP screwed the pooch and blew off some safety stuff which resulted in an oil rig going boom and the gov't apparently ignored that stuff because there was some money moving around...I screwed up my knee which is such an absolute and utter pain in the ass, I can't adequately describe how tired I am of this crap. So did I miss anything of note? I really should pursue being a journalist (parasite), this writing stuff is easy and somewhat therapeutic. I may be the only one reading it but it makes me feel better when I do.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Orleans

Congrats to the Saints for their win in the Super Bowl. It was a great game to watch for me, primarily, because I can't stand Peyton Manning. He played for the Vols in college and I'm a Gator man so there you go. Now, about the Saints and all this healing bullshit. If you are so shallow and devoid of purpose and meaning in your miserable little exscuse for a life that your hometown team winning a game you couldn't afford to go to, is some kind of healing experience for you and your pathetic, self destructive city then you need to find a highway and play marbles in it. Can we now put a big frakking period on this whole New Orleans thing. The very high paid athletes won a game and will now go back to their homes outside of your frakked up city so feel healed and STFU. I am so tired of constantly hearing about New Orleans. Can we just put it away now. They're healed and great for them now go away.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poor winners

Ok I admit it, I'm not so much happy that Brown won the seat as I am that the dems are miserable. I wouldn't give a frak if Micky Mouse won the seat as long as it made the dems cry. I like it when they cry, its funny and heartwarming and makes me think of puppies and stuff. People really aren't tracking when it comes to my dislike of those people. They are the enemy, plain and simple. Anytime the enemy takes a hit, its a good thing. Now about Haiti, let me reiterate my position on Haiti for the slow learners in the back, "Frak Haiti"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Your Luck Sucks, but...

Haiti, your luck sucks. It does...really it does. But thats not my problem. I really am not interested in what has happenned in Haiti, and I know someone is gonna boo hoo about how cold hearted I am and blah blah blah but I don't really care about Haiti. How can I watch as Billions of dollars are spent and will be spent on rebuilding that utter shithole when we can't afford to repave roads or rebuild schools right here in the US. Those dollars being spent are in part my dollars and I don't want them being spent in Haiti. Apparently the most awesome president of all time, our very own telepromter Jesus is sending the 82nd to Haiti. Good move, its not like those guys haven't been on a deployment lately. They should go because they've just been sitting on their frakking hands at Ft Bragg. I've got bad news for my softer friends, the world hates us, and even if we turn Haiti into the garden of eden with our money and people, the world will still hate us.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Left

I am, generally, a fairly unpleasant person. Seriously! I have been told dozens of times, “When I first met you I thought you were a total asshole but once I got to know you …” The social niceties are not something I give much time to or pay a great deal of time worrying about. This attitude allows me to be honest in my dealings with people. Nobody expects Finrod to be nice, so when I say I think someone is a waste of good genetic material, no one is really surprised and some are even appreciative. Honesty is liberating in social interaction. Be truthful in word and deed, those are good words to live by, which leads me to “The Left”. Now I don’t mean left like left hand, left lane, leftovers, I mean “The Left “as in the political left. These are the people who have plagued me my entire life. Background is essential here in understanding how much I hate these people. I was a boy when I watched my father return from Vietnam and was pelted with trash by “peace activists” for being the devil incarnate. I was a teenager when we were stationed in Germany and a mob of “peace activists” roamed through our gov’t housing, laying waste to anything at hand, protesting our presence in Germany because we were the devil incarnate and those nice Soviets didn’t really mean us any harm. When I say I hate these people, I’m not being dramatic, I hate these people with a hate reserved for people like Hitler and Stalin. The other day, someone talked to me about how the two sides need to talk and learn to understand each other. What’s to understand? What’s there to talk about? I have no interest in talking, I want to defeat them, completely, utterly, and finally.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

But I liked to smoke :-(

So, I finally bent to the will of the masses of busy-bodies who had some weird fixation with my smoking a legal product. Smokers are the only group that you can legally discriminate against in America. You can't pick on blacks, asians, short people or anyone different from you but you can damn near shoot a smoker in the street in broad daylight with nary a whisper of concern from anyone but another smoker. Especially if you can show you were being exposed to second hand smoke as you stood outside a liquor store by a diesel belching exhaust. Anyway, I caved and decided to quit this vile habit. My friends, who had quit, told me of this magical drug I could take which would allow me to quit without murdering anyone. I thought that providence had finally smiled on me and off to the Doc I went. The Doc told me that yes this miracle drug exists and here is your prescription because you really should quit smoking the devil's weed. I took the miracle drug for 4 months and I did in fact quit smoking. See, what a happy tale...except for the next part. It seems that sometimes, actually about 1 in 100,000 people can become very very addicted to this miracle drug and when they stop taking it the bad really begins. I am one of those 1 in 100k. I now take 3 pills, all powerful anti depressants to help me get over what my new Doc calls one of the worse cases of drug withdrawal she's ever seen. Hell, she's brought other docs in just to see how frak'd up I am. When I first saw my new Doc, her response to my symptoms was "Oh my God, thats incredible!" You know you've really transcended the everyday when your Doc says something like that to your face. The moral to this story? Be careful of miracle claims, they're usually BS and come with a you'll be paying.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And So It Begins

I shall venture out into this wild land called cyber space, and speak truth. Well, truth as I see it. That may vary or even conflict with your truth. The real crux of this endeavor, the sharp end of the stick, is not whether I agree with you but whether I'm even willing to listen. Its a New Years resolution of sorts, this blog thing. We'll run it out and see how it works.