Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ita is ends ut totus res operor

DADT ends and I feel so much sorrow for what is about to happen to my Army. To all the gay soldiers who placed their needs and wishes above the nation's, I hope your happy. Reap what you have sown because now its going to get really bad.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Tao Continues

"Hate or scorn are not linear. The true man has options when he has had a major wrong done to him. You may enter into "conflict" with the offending party or you may choose to declare them "persona non Grata". The choice is yours to make, but take care in your choice. Weigh your courses of action, but know that you must choose."

You have to repay someone who has done you wrong, its just that simple. That is what this part of the Tao really boils down to. People who screw you, will do it again unless you make it uncomfortable for them.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Tao of Finrod

I am a peculiar fellow at the best of times. I laugh when it isn't really appropriate and I don't laugh when everyone else is laughing. Over time I've learned to recognize what you think is funny and laugh on queue but I miss it sometimes. I don't really get emotional or weepy. I'm a bit of a stoic you might say. Over time I've written, in my head, rules that I live by and generally I stick by them. Lately though, I've had this odd desire to write the rules down on paper and even to share them. A moment of weakness I suppose but it even happens to me. I am going to post some of these rules here, the Tao of Finrod if you will. So, here is the first of the Tao of Finrod:

When wrong is done to you, an assessment must be done. You must do this quickly and clearly.Was the wrong done by accident or was it purposefully done? Once the assessment is done you must choose a course of action. Minor wrongs, those done by accident or lacking purpose may be overlooked. Major or great wrongs, those done with purpose, poor intent and deliberate effect cannot be overlooked. Major wrongs must be repaid with scorn and hate. Major wrongs cannot be forgiven lest they come from kith or kin and then only rarely.