Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Where did all the Republicans go....long time passing"

Lets spend a minute talking about the SOTU or the State of the Union Address if your not all cool and stuff and this ridiculous seating nonsense. Look Republicans, the issue is simple. The democrats got their ass handed to them by those silly voters, in part, because they did a whole laundry list of stuff the voters clearly said they didn't want them to do. N0w they are trying to do a 180 and show those same voters that they are the party of inclusion and understanding. One of the first things you learn as a soldier is, NEVER DO WHAT THE BAD GUYS WANT!!!! If the left wants to sing kumbyah (sp?), then let them do it by themselves on their side of the aisle. Do not enable them any further and do not validate anything they want or say. If a leftist tard says the sky is blue, argue with them that it is actually white and the blue is an optical illusion. Guys, you won, act like it, and if thats too much, we can arrange for your replacement.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Maybe It Won't Be So Bad

Maybe we should be number 2 in the world. No, stop and think about that. I have a buddy who fixes things. People always glad-hand him when he fixes their things and says "You're the man!", where as he responds with "Nope, I'm the Guy, the Man has too many responsibilities and rules. Everybody wants to have a Guy." Perhaps this should be our national strategy. Lets be "The Guy", not "The Man".

What has our status really done for us lately? Pretty much nothing. Some shithole gets a flood and what do the cameras show, some guy yelling about "Where is the Americans?" Nobody asks where the chicoms are or when the chicoms are sending aid. We have shed blood, sweat, and tears for the world. No nation or collection of nations has sacrificed so much for others as has America and what has it gotten us? Not a damn thing but a validation of Murphy's Laws of Combat, Law #1, "If you take more then your fair share of objectives, you'll have more then your fair share to take." I have become so hardened by the rest of the planet that my passport would be better used as a coaster for my drink then for travel right now.

So maybe, being Number 2 wouldn't be so bad. We could get a rest and maybe get our own house in order. Let someone else send its son's and daughters to far away lands to die for some group that hates you anyway. Let someone else spend billions on flood relief for a bunch of folks who refer to you as "The Great Satan". Yeah, I wanna be the "The Guy", everybody wants to have a Guy. That way you can always say, "Relax, I know this Guy."