Friday, May 21, 2010


Wow, I've been a major lazy bastard haven't I. Lets see, what has occurred since I posted last...Obama has saved the universe a couple of times, seriously just ask Chris Mathews...Arizona was invaded by members of the SS who have turned it into the 4th Reich who's sole goal is the oppression of Mexicans...BP screwed the pooch and blew off some safety stuff which resulted in an oil rig going boom and the gov't apparently ignored that stuff because there was some money moving around...I screwed up my knee which is such an absolute and utter pain in the ass, I can't adequately describe how tired I am of this crap. So did I miss anything of note? I really should pursue being a journalist (parasite), this writing stuff is easy and somewhat therapeutic. I may be the only one reading it but it makes me feel better when I do.