Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poor winners

Ok I admit it, I'm not so much happy that Brown won the seat as I am that the dems are miserable. I wouldn't give a frak if Micky Mouse won the seat as long as it made the dems cry. I like it when they cry, its funny and heartwarming and makes me think of puppies and stuff. People really aren't tracking when it comes to my dislike of those people. They are the enemy, plain and simple. Anytime the enemy takes a hit, its a good thing. Now about Haiti, let me reiterate my position on Haiti for the slow learners in the back, "Frak Haiti"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Your Luck Sucks, but...

Haiti, your luck sucks. It does...really it does. But thats not my problem. I really am not interested in what has happenned in Haiti, and I know someone is gonna boo hoo about how cold hearted I am and blah blah blah but I don't really care about Haiti. How can I watch as Billions of dollars are spent and will be spent on rebuilding that utter shithole when we can't afford to repave roads or rebuild schools right here in the US. Those dollars being spent are in part my dollars and I don't want them being spent in Haiti. Apparently the most awesome president of all time, our very own telepromter Jesus is sending the 82nd to Haiti. Good move, its not like those guys haven't been on a deployment lately. They should go because they've just been sitting on their frakking hands at Ft Bragg. I've got bad news for my softer friends, the world hates us, and even if we turn Haiti into the garden of eden with our money and people, the world will still hate us.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Left

I am, generally, a fairly unpleasant person. Seriously! I have been told dozens of times, “When I first met you I thought you were a total asshole but once I got to know you …” The social niceties are not something I give much time to or pay a great deal of time worrying about. This attitude allows me to be honest in my dealings with people. Nobody expects Finrod to be nice, so when I say I think someone is a waste of good genetic material, no one is really surprised and some are even appreciative. Honesty is liberating in social interaction. Be truthful in word and deed, those are good words to live by, which leads me to “The Left”. Now I don’t mean left like left hand, left lane, leftovers, I mean “The Left “as in the political left. These are the people who have plagued me my entire life. Background is essential here in understanding how much I hate these people. I was a boy when I watched my father return from Vietnam and was pelted with trash by “peace activists” for being the devil incarnate. I was a teenager when we were stationed in Germany and a mob of “peace activists” roamed through our gov’t housing, laying waste to anything at hand, protesting our presence in Germany because we were the devil incarnate and those nice Soviets didn’t really mean us any harm. When I say I hate these people, I’m not being dramatic, I hate these people with a hate reserved for people like Hitler and Stalin. The other day, someone talked to me about how the two sides need to talk and learn to understand each other. What’s to understand? What’s there to talk about? I have no interest in talking, I want to defeat them, completely, utterly, and finally.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

But I liked to smoke :-(

So, I finally bent to the will of the masses of busy-bodies who had some weird fixation with my smoking a legal product. Smokers are the only group that you can legally discriminate against in America. You can't pick on blacks, asians, short people or anyone different from you but you can damn near shoot a smoker in the street in broad daylight with nary a whisper of concern from anyone but another smoker. Especially if you can show you were being exposed to second hand smoke as you stood outside a liquor store by a diesel belching exhaust. Anyway, I caved and decided to quit this vile habit. My friends, who had quit, told me of this magical drug I could take which would allow me to quit without murdering anyone. I thought that providence had finally smiled on me and off to the Doc I went. The Doc told me that yes this miracle drug exists and here is your prescription because you really should quit smoking the devil's weed. I took the miracle drug for 4 months and I did in fact quit smoking. See, what a happy tale...except for the next part. It seems that sometimes, actually about 1 in 100,000 people can become very very addicted to this miracle drug and when they stop taking it the bad really begins. I am one of those 1 in 100k. I now take 3 pills, all powerful anti depressants to help me get over what my new Doc calls one of the worse cases of drug withdrawal she's ever seen. Hell, she's brought other docs in just to see how frak'd up I am. When I first saw my new Doc, her response to my symptoms was "Oh my God, thats incredible!" You know you've really transcended the everyday when your Doc says something like that to your face. The moral to this story? Be careful of miracle claims, they're usually BS and come with a you'll be paying.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And So It Begins

I shall venture out into this wild land called cyber space, and speak truth. Well, truth as I see it. That may vary or even conflict with your truth. The real crux of this endeavor, the sharp end of the stick, is not whether I agree with you but whether I'm even willing to listen. Its a New Years resolution of sorts, this blog thing. We'll run it out and see how it works.