Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Orleans

Congrats to the Saints for their win in the Super Bowl. It was a great game to watch for me, primarily, because I can't stand Peyton Manning. He played for the Vols in college and I'm a Gator man so there you go. Now, about the Saints and all this healing bullshit. If you are so shallow and devoid of purpose and meaning in your miserable little exscuse for a life that your hometown team winning a game you couldn't afford to go to, is some kind of healing experience for you and your pathetic, self destructive city then you need to find a highway and play marbles in it. Can we now put a big frakking period on this whole New Orleans thing. The very high paid athletes won a game and will now go back to their homes outside of your frakked up city so feel healed and STFU. I am so tired of constantly hearing about New Orleans. Can we just put it away now. They're healed and great for them now go away.