Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hi there!

I have returned from my self imposed hibernation from this site and how things have changed. Actually my hibernation was sorta needed to get over that whole knee problem which turned out to be 3 meniscus tears and 3 bone spurs. Yep, I have some cool new scars to show off.
A rundown of events is in order. Lets see, Tuesday is the end of the world according to everyone who lives in leftist fantasy land, and considering unicorn season opens on Wednesday, maybe it is the end of the world. AQ is getting froggy again, which isn't surprising considering killing them is the only way to stop them and we haven't killed all of them yet.
Political ads have really devolved, they all amount to someone simply saying "He/she is a poo poo head." I got one of those really annoying phone calls, annoying because I was in the bathroom at the time, asking me to vote for Rob Miller, which is really dumb as shit because other then Rob Miller being a democrat tard and not being Joe Wilson, I have no frakking clue what the hell Rob Miller stands for, because all his ads are summed up as "Joe Wilson is a poo poo head." I just don't understand how these idiots think this will work, but apparently they do because that's all that I see.
I shall endeavor to write something deep and profound but in the meantime, something for the leftist out there.