Thursday, May 5, 2011

Visitors so late, wonder who it could be? OBL

I have a confession, and I'm hoping I'm not the only one. When I heard OBL was dead, I wasn't all that concerned. It was a "meh" moment as my son might say. What effect has this guy really had on the enemies war effort? I have my doubts that he has had any effect other then his own symbolic leadership. So when I woke up and saw the deck apes had got him, I wasn't doing a jig or praising some religious honcho or anything. I just went back to getting ready for work, nothing had really changed. The long war continues, one symbol is dead but another will step up and take his place, of this I have no doubts at all. The religion of perpetual rage will continue unabbetted in its desire to turn back the clock to the middles ages, and we will continue to resist this idiot thinking. Celebrate later, tie your boots tight, and adjust your ruck straps, stay focused because the enemy is still there waiting on their chance to meet Allah. Be a good trooper and oblige them, its the neighborly thing to do.

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